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Yamaha R15 dan Yamaha R25 Motor Sport Racing dan Kencang

Yamaha R15 and R25 Yamaha Motor Sport Racing and Fast - Yamaha R25 and Yamaha R15 has now become a mainstay of users of motor sport in Indonesia. Yamaha R25 and Yamaha R15 managed to show that there is no excess duannya.Yamaha Yamaha R25 and R15 are the pioneers of the revival of motor sport market in Indonesia. The motor sport maniac Indonesia increasingly fond of both the Yamaha product. Caucasian people say "Revs the Engines - Hear it roars - Feel the Power!" .

 For decades the Yamaha engineers carefully and accurately do so was born the forging of products that carry the label "Yamaha R15 and R25 Yamaha Motor Sport Racing and Fast", not only the experience and passion but also test and mengakulasi years of International racing in the world. If all this time you just use a regular vehicle, from now on you will feel the sensation up outside the circuit by attempting to put on a Yamaha R25 and Yamaha R15.

3 colors sepesial of Yamaha YZF-R25 is Diablo Red, Racing Blue, and Black Predator, and of course you are free to choose whatever you like.

Yamaha R25 engine "Superior Engine -Worldwide Class Quality" Yamaha R25 engine is the engine gress successor generation of the R-series Specifications Yamaha 250 cc, 2inline, cylinders, DOHC, 8 Volves, liquid-cooled, fuel injection, cylinder DiaASil & Forged Piston, combined with a lightweight body design and perfect center of gravity, thus providing power to weight as well as the results of the best handling in its class.

 Yamaha R25 and R15 Yamaha Motor Sport Racing and Quick so called because Yamaha R25 and Yamaha R15 Have a maximum power until the power is definitely 37PS@12.000rpm 250cc Superbike with performance superior value. This is evident since the presence of the Yamaha YZF-R25 condition pasarmotor full-fairing sport bike engined 250 cc in Indonesia, which is now characterized by the Kawasaki Ninja 250 and Honda CBR250R was shaky, the article Yamaha Indonesia was no longer hide and claimed that 250 cc bike is Yamaha R25 , has power over the Ninja and CBR250R.

 Design Multi Layer

Yamaha R25 Yamaha R25 is dominated by desin erodinamis futuristic and also high, so the design of a full fairing on Yamaha R25 looks sweet. The design of the design is not without reason, but are intended to provide a path to wasted heat engine smoothly. The design seems optimal for multi-layer barrier of air friction can be released simultaneously with the heat flow machine.

The braking system is more accurate and grip as it is equipped with a floating disc brakes and 298 mm caliber 2 port (floating front disc braker and biggest tube front suspension). It is more inert solid supported suspension tube measuring 41 mm in the front, resulting in a steady and stable handeling. Yamaha R25

Predator Dual Head Light -

Indonesia's First Performance headlamps are more aggressive with a unique angle and maximum illumination, bright, sharp, and focused. The design of the front lights are a sort of center air duct is not just to make it look elegant, but serves to aid cooling air to enter at the rear fairing. R25 look impressed difficult to identify (elusive) of both dual lamp spotlight. Part mica lamp a little hidden, create another impression when viewed from different angles. From the top, just looks a little light eye, causing a sense of mystery. But when viewed from the front, the charm R25 looks fierce and stout with sharp highlight to spread the threat.

 Supersport Speedometer
 Designed multifunction speedometer design and complete, available Gear Shift Indicator Lamp to determine the position of the gear tooth at the time will do the gearshift adjusted for optimum speed. The speedometer indicator directly shows how the average fuel consumption in real time, as can be found in smart cars today. Oil change warning light will turn on automatically every 5000 miles once. In fact, the speedometers also reminds the user if the motor was time to enter the service. The above features are very helpful to users, including those who are often forgotten or neglected when it's time for service. However, it is less able to be applied in the city of Jakarta.

 Oil consumption is often not in accordance with the numbers listed on the speedometer. In bad conditions, for example. Figures shown in the speedometer of 3,000 km, but in practice is much greater than that because the engine continues to burn while not moving instructions kilometers. Actually, the user can manually adjust itself when the speedometer will remind time downloading service, not to be 5,000 km. This is because the use of different field with a nominal indicated by the speedometer. In fact, according to the Tri Yuswidjajanto of the Laboratory of Motor Fuel and Propulsion Systems Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), if the user is using oil from the factory, say at 4,000 miles, the actual amount of oil that has been used is 4000 + 1500 = 5500 km. Figures 1500 miles comes from the amount of oil that has gone through life.

 Asymmetrical Arm & Twin Tube Rear Suspension Rear by KYB
 Swing arm (rear arm) with robust materials and asymmetric able to provide more stable control, stable handling when cornering at high speed. Mid Ship Sporty Muffler tapilan dashing and sporty sound supersport generate strong character. Modestly front body, rear body and rising, and the rider seat height is only 800 mm. In addition to the people of Indonesia are very beneficial, as this body will give the driver a sensation like riding a MotoGP motorcycle racing.

 Cast Aluminum Wide Wide Wheel & Tire

 Wide wheels made of aluminum alloy that is strong, lightweight and rust resistant, able to present the typical performance of a true supersport reliable.

 Specifications Yamaha R25
 Px Dimensions L x H: 2,090 mm x 720 mm x 1,135 mm
Wheelbase: 1,380 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 160 mm
Seat height: 780 mm Weight content: 166 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 14.3 L Frame Type: Diamond
Suspension Front: Telescopic
Rear Suspension: Swing Arm
Tires Front: 110/70 - 17 M / C
Rear tire: 140/70 - 17 M / C
Brakes Front: hydraulic disc, dual piston
Rear brake: hydraulic disc, single piston
Engine type: 4 stroke, 8 valve DOHC liquid Cooled
Number / position of the cylinder: 2 Cylinder / Vertical
Bore x stroke: 60.0 x 44.7 mm
Compression ratio: 11.6: 1
Maximum power: 27.2 kW / 1,200 rpm
Maximum torque: 23.2 Nm / 10,000 rpm
Starter system: Electric Starter
Lubrication System: Wet Engine oil capacity: Total = 2.40 L;
Fuel System: Fuel Injection
System Type clutch: Wet, manual clutch, multipleplatform
 Transmission type: 6-speed return
The pattern of transmission operation: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
 Ignition system: TCI
Battery: GT28V (MF Battery 7Ah) Type
Busi: CR 93 (Official Price NGK Yamaha R25

 With maximum quality supersporty Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) membandro Yamaha R25 with a price of Rp. 53 million, on-the road to Jakarta region. This price is cheaper than the price of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R is pegged price of USD 53.7 million. adjusting for other regions and there is a little bit different. But rest assured you will not be disappointed with the quality specifications of the motor 250 CC motor sport is what makes it more unique and proud.

For more information please go to the nearest Yamaha dealer in your city. Yamaha YZF-R15 One Family R-series output from the Yamaha YZF-R15 comes so proud because the fact is well respected in the international racing arena. Yamaha YZF-R15 is a dream of many sport bike riders as we know Yamaha never play in any product issue. Inevitably in just two days just successfully sold in quantities over 1500 units even though the product Yamaha YZF-R15 can be ordered through this new pivot. Besides impressed dashing users yamaha YZF-R15 will be encouraged to always be a winner in the fight game racing world. Design Yamaha YZF-R25 Motorcycle Yamaha YZF-R25 which has a weight of only 136 kg of these designs look different from other Yamaha seperbike impression is very pronounced.

 Motorcycle Yamaha YZF-R25 with a price tag of Rp. 28 million is apparently able to present reliable design from all sides, the R15 has a long 1,995 mm, width 660 mm, height 1,070 mm and height of 800 mm seat to the ground. As fairing, typical order mengatung (delta box), rear fender, tire tread width, the design of the headlights, and seat form a separate model. Overall R25 futuristic and dynamic design, specifically for design lamp equipped with AHO (Automatic Headlamp On). As for the other is a representation of the DNA R-Series represents a true supersport characteristic that is not behind the sharp double headlights, seats split seater (separately) with anti-skid material like a big motor upscale.

 Yamaha YZF-R15 Motorcycle sporty Yamaha YZF-R15 with a capacity of 150 cc to be marketed in Indonesia is cheaper than the motor sport competitors like the Honda CBR150. YZF- sporty bike Yamaha R15 is priced at 28 million, but the Yamaha R15 is certainly not a cheap product, the Yamaha YZF-R15 has a great performance and frugal fuel consumption reaches 47.8 km with only 1 liter of petrol, would very economical for motors 150cc sport.

One of the reasons this bike has a fuel consumption is due to the economical use of fuel injection technology. And the figure is obtained by Yamaha R15 when used with a constant speed in a 65 kilometers per hour.

Similarly, a brief review of why the label carries the Yamaha R15 and R25 Yamaha Motor Sport Racing and Fast, hopefully this brief review can give you a reference to the miss with a touch of style Yamaha sport. Do not forget to also visit the official website of Yamaha in
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